campus closing and cancellations


this purpose of this campus closing and cancellations policy is to establish policies, procedures, and guidelines regarding the closure of the lynn university campus and class cancellations.


at times, emergencies such as severe weather, fires, power failures, and other extreme events can disrupt or cancel university operations. in extreme cases, these circumstances may require the closing of all, or part, of the university’s operations and the cancellation of classes. such determinations will be made by the president and announced in accordance with the notification procedures set forth in this policy.

depending on the nature of the events, some university positions may be considered to be essential. employees in such positions may be required to report to work during an official university closedown. at the time of hire and beginning each fall semester thereafter, employees in essential services positions will be so notified by the employee’s supervisor.


essential operating personnel—include staff, support staff, security and/or food service workers as announced by the university on the date of the closure.


i. notification procedures

if there is a threat of hurricane, severe storm, or any other event that requires the campus to close:

1. the critical incident management team leader will keep students and employees informed about procedures to be followed by utilizing the emergency notification procedures set forth in the emergency notification and response policy. if students feel they need to leave campus for the duration of a storm, they must fill out a campus departure form online at

2. university community members who live off campus will receive information through the university’s website, telephone, local radio, television, and newspapers. students needing additional assistance are to report to the office of student affairs.

to learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact campus safety.

policy updated on: oct. 24, 2018